SIDA is the profession organization in industrial design established when the state government attached great importance to industrial design as well as formulate the development strategy of City of Design. 
With the duty of Jointing Industries and Gearing the World,working on the tenet of Communicating,Blending and Growing,Developing forward team spirit of Exploration,Innovation,Dedication.SIDA is supplying a series of professional and comprehensive complementary service from market exploration,information transmission,enterprise financing,communication,talent attraction and training, quality certification and promoting creation,communication and cooperation on industrial design industries.We will fully use the resources of member unit and government policy to push industry ahead. 
Each entity engaged in industrial design or related to industrial design can become a member of SZIDA just when legally registered in administrative authority for industry and commerce.

As a Member of SIDA, you enjoy the following rights:

Policy Information
Member unit will get government policy information from associate journal,website and different meetings.
Consultation Instruction
Assist enterprises in gaining guidance and instruction when did some work with relevant department of government as well as supply consultation and government resources.
Service supply.
Member unit will share the priority from the government financial support and prize award activities.
Publicity service
Member unit can enjoy the publicity and communication function from association journal and its website,there will no less than two times large scale sodality and some introduction meeting which all the member units will invited for participation every year .
Market exploration
Leading member unit for domestic and overseas visit, communication,exhibition etc.with a competitive price.
Training service
Senior training will serve the member units with priority and competitive price.
Quality Inspection
Help member unit complete the project quality testify process and staff training.
Enterprise honor
Once registered in SZIDA and passed by general council meeting,the new comer will gain one certificate of honor,we will give the first consideration to member unit for ranks national,provincial and municipal creative industries.Some one who make great contribution on assosiation construction will award the honorary title Perpetual Honorary President
Financing assist
Through different business channel Priority will served member unit on financing support.
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