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Design Bar (No. 10) - Colours

Date: 2016-03-18 11:41:11  Source:   Compile: admin

Design Bar (No. 10)
Spring is a colourful season
The 10th Design Bar would like to welcome all designers
To come to Sino-Finnish Design Park
And have a conversation about
People and

There’s a close connection between colours and moods – blue is related to sadness; red is related to excitement… One’s preference to specific colours can reflect his/her characteristics – this is also true for designing. Products embody designers’ different comprehension of design, which reflect the designers’ special characteristics.
The theme for this this time’s Design Bar is “colour”. 3 designers with unique characteristics will share with us their unique understanding of design, and everybody’s welcomed to join and share their opinions.

Time: 18 March 2016 (Friday) 14:00-16:30p.m.
Location: 111-113, B4, Funian Square, Shihua Road, Futian Bonded Area, Shenzhen, China

Attendance: 50 – 80 participants
(Especially for those who work or are interested in the design and manufacturing industries)

Special guest: Ping Xuan  Freelance Designer/Smart-living Design Consultant
Topic to share: Design Is About Logic


Special guest: Shibin Chen 


Sharing guest: Bin Zheng


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