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The Mysterious Design Team of B&O

Date: 2018-04-10 10:14:45  Source:   Compile: eands

B & O was founded in 1925 by two young Danish engineers, Peer Bang and Svend Olufsen, who rented a small room as a factory for meagre money and founded B & O. 
So far the B & O brand has become one of the most influential and valuable brands in Denmark. 
Today's B & O products have become "the mark of Danish quality". 
Since it was founded in Sturuer, Denmark in 1925 years, Bang & Olufsen has enjoyed a worldwide reputation for producing excellent and excellent audio, video, medical and multimedia products. 
These products are a perfect combination of superb modern technology and aesthetic appeal. 
At present, B & O products cover wireless speaker systems, TV, speakers, audio systems, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, applications and accessories and other areas, marketing more than 60 countries and regions about 1400 retail stores. 
In 1934, B & O introduced an integrated radio, phonograph and loudspeaker product Hyperbo. 
The product, along with other Bang & Olufsen products launched in the 1930s, was influenced by German Bauhaus pragmatism, which gradually became the main feature of Bang & Olufsen design. 
Bauhaus pragmatism is not only a style or school, but also a pursuit and attitude towards quality, humanization and aesthetics.

Torsten Valeur, the head of David Lewis designers, graduated from Royal Academy of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, Copenhagen Denmark, in 1993.
During and after his graduation Torsten Valeur spend time traveling in his beloved northeastern Asia. In 1988 he stayed at Shanghai Datong Zhong Xue where he met his wife Wang Lan. When not travelling, he worked in Denmark for pyrotechnist Lars Hoffmann Barfod making handcrafted fireworks for Tivoli, Copenhagen’s world famous amusement park, until he joined David Lewis Designers in 1996.